Five of the best beauty apps you need to download now

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LET'S face it, some Sundays are just meant for pampering and preening. Thanks to technology (also known as the centre of our world here at CofD HQ) there are so many little apps that can help you feel more like yourself again - or at least, a better version of what you're feeling like now. Having trouble finding some of the best? We've got you covered.



Virtual Makeover - Free
Literally a virtual makeover in a few simple clicks. Not sure how to do your makeup before a date? This app will show you what looks best in a matter of minutes.

Pretty In My Pocket - Free
Allows you to scan different products to read instant online reviews - so you'll never make a dodgy makeup mistake ever again.

Sleep Cycle - €1.99
Keeps track of your quality of sleep, allowing you to make the most out catching those Zs.

Amazing Face - €2.99
Practically a life saver in app-form as it provides countless tips and tricks to help get you through your day. Random zits? An awful hang over? Think of this app as your new best friend.

Beautylish - Free
We all have our off days, but this app helps keep them to a minimum with what seems like an endless supply of beauty tips and inspiration.


by Stephanie Toms


DIY easy and stylish summer net bag


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IF Phil Oh snaps a photo of a stylish lady holding a net bag, then chances are the next hottest thing for Spring is going to be a net bag. But sometimes even the shops are behind on the times, so now is a change to take matters into your own hands (literally) and make your own! Check out Honestly...WTF's simple tutorial below.




supplies list

-a cotton net bag (available at Whole Foods)
-2  carabiners (if you can’t find gold carabiners, you can spray paint them)
-8 sets of 1/4″ screw posts
-a flat head screwdriver
-a pair of scissors



Start by cutting each of the straps down the middle, creating 4 loose straps. With a marker, mark 2 dots on each strap about 3 inches apart.



Carefully pierce a small hole through each mark with the tip of the scissors. Fold one of the straps through the carabiner, aligning the two holes with each other.



Push the screw post set through both holes and tighten with a screwdriver.




Your bag is finished! You can also experiment with dying the bag a different color before assembling.



Attach keys, charms or pom poms to one of the carabiners and you’re all set!


Source: Honestly...WTF

Five edgy style blogs to follow now

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SOMETIMES pretty can be boring and all we really want to look at is some stylish girls in leather and eyeliner. Check out five of our favourite edgy style blogs right now - who said fashion has to be girly?



Vanessa - The Haute Pursuit



Nadia - FrouFrouu



Cindy - COTTDS



Lua - Le Happy



Stephanie - Faiiint


Win VIP tickets to Creatorsofdesire x Fashionchick's London Party


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 Be honest, how cool would it be to drink champagne with your favourite Brit bloggers and dance into the London night in an incredible new pair of shoes? This is your chance. 


At Creators of Desire, we’ve teamed up with Fashionchick to give you exactly that opportunity! On May 7th 2014, we’ll be hosting a party bursting at the seams with your favourite UK bloggers to celebrate the relaunch and redesign of as well as celebrating our new partnership.  And you could be in with a chance of winning the #fashionchickvip treatment to ensure a fabulous evening with all the trimmings…


Running until April 30th, the competition gives two lucky bloggers the chance to win:

- A VIP goody bag (packed with special gifts from House of Fraser and!)
- Their own Blogger Spotlight to be featured on Fashionchick UK this summer.
- Their choice of a pair of shoes from the SS14 Fashionchick Collection


Click through here to read on how to enter, and hopefully we’ll see you there!