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The article that shook up the industry

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Living in the beating heart of the fashion PR jungle, leading PR lady Meet Miss O is on top of the fashion industry. Her blog on our website is a personal labour of love, vibrant and inspiring, never afraid of controversy. With a reputation for speaking her mind, its no wonder her recent article about the blog industry called 'Blogmania' hits it big time. In the article Meet Miss O. discuss how the blog industry turned from a tool to express and create your inner selves to a materialism driven industry. 

The article raised a heated debate over Internet and turned out to be a subject which people have very strong yet divergent feelings about. But overall the message is clear: you're not going to make it if you are faking it. Being authentic, creative and having a strong voice are key. And if you are only in it for the goodies, make sure you stay away from anything with the name blog in it! Want to join the converstation? Read the article or go to our Facebook page.