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Make your own friendship bracelet course 1.


The Armparty, a gathering of bracelets various in size or material appointed as a party by Leandra ‘Man Repeller’ Medine, is the ultimate assebly of accessories for any season or warmth of the year. Whether peeking from under a heavy knit or exposed by a classic shirt, forearms should be packed! And while we are all daydreaming about Hermes, Balenciaga, Dannijo or Pamela Love bracelets, the pricetags may sometimes be a bit to heafty for you to take the plunge.

Enter the DIY era: with a little time on your hands and some studs/rhinestones/beads/yarn armparties made by you are now a lot closer than you think. In this mini-series of trend DIY alerts we will show you ways to make your own armparty with the satisfaction of saying ‘I made this, no really, I did!’.

On this episode: braided bead bracelets.

Braided bead bracelets

Take a look at the DIY below from Honestly WTF. It’s insanely easy and you just need a couple of things to make this:

-       Approx 1.5 yard/1.5 meter waxed cord

-       50-70 little beads

-       Small button (used as a

-       Scissors



Step 1: Cut the cord in three to make the strands the same length. Make a knot on one end with the three strands.
Step 2: Make a braid, with just the three strands, about 1 inch/2.5cm long
Step 3: Start braiding in the beads on the left and right strands in turn (practice makes perfect)
Step 4: End like you begin with a braid about the same size.
Step 5: Make a little knot, thread in the button and end with another knot. Trim the rest.

You can make these bracelets with any color cord, small type of beads and lenghts you want. And don’t forget: SHARE YOUR DIY’s!

Source: ManRepeller, Honestly WTF, all bracelets via Net-A-Porter | By Suzanne Stal