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Exclusive: Behind the scenes with Andrew Kuykendall

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Unique behind the scenes footage from Die Weltwoche fashion shoot

Regular visitors to our website will know that we’re working closely with London based high end fashion photography agency FACTORY311 to bring you the latest and exclusive fashion productions from it’s absolute source. Not the nitty gritty but the real thing from influential fashion insiders. People who shape the business and set the trend.

Today we have the honour to present exclusive behind the scenes footage from a high end fashion cover shoot with the theme ‘Hotel California Girl; FACTORY311’s famous fashion photographer Andrew Kuykendall shot for the March/April issue of Die Weltwoche magazine ‘The Big Issue Number 1.’ (Die Weltwoche by the way is one of the most popular Swiss magazines based in Zürich.)

Along with A-list stylist Gena Tuso, Kuykendall photographed rising star model Nastassia Lindes from Vision LA over 13 pages, featuring a range of popular contemporary fashion brands mixed with vintage apparel. The shoot took part in sunny California. Think Chanel, Dior, Gucci, H&M, Hugo Boss, Marc Jacobs and Sielian's Vintage Apparel all blended into one big fashion party. 

Always wanted to know how things are rolling back stage of a large influential fashion shoot? Watch the following behind the scenes video. Like what you see? Be inspired by amazing fashion photo's and graphics. Go to the FACTORY311 website,  there is plenty more where this came from. Pintesest worthy!