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I don't have to compete with hundreds of "Lita" boots

The popular style blog THE DIVINITUS from New-England based Dorota is a paradise for fans of the clean and minimalistic. Her clothing is dark; her photography, minimalistic. Praised by many fashion related websites as ‘the new best thing’ we were desperately to catch up with this lady in black. About style, spring, being unconventional and more...have fun! 

Could you describe your style in three striking words?
Asymmetric, Abstract, Avant-garde.

When did your blog started to become very popular? What triggered your success?
It happened quietly over the time... probably the fact that my blog is a niche and attracts a certain group of fashion enthusiasts had a lot to do with it. I don't have to compete with hundreds of "Lita" boots and there are not too many bloggers who happen to wear lots of black

Stylewise which season do you prefer and why?
Probably early Spring and Fall when the average temperature is between 16 and 18C. It's the perfect weather to have a good time with nonchalantly thrown layers and favorite materials such as leather, soft wool blends and fur.

Who is your absolute fashion muse?
If I had to name anybody, I would go with Michele Lamy (Rick Owens's wife red.) She is the exact opposite to what the current fashion scene promotes. Just look at her. Her approach to aesthetics and physical characteristics are not  normally covered in popular magazines. And of course the fact she is not afraid to wear the same designer from head to toe, which makes her a total rebel of mainstream fashion rules.

Everyone has had a favorite clothing piece worn till death, what's yours?
Probably my fox fur coat. It's a knee length black leather coat I got from my mom as a birthday gift almost 15 years ago. Still in prime condition. It always seems to impress. I'm a strong believer that a fashion splurge should either be on a good coat or a pair of shoes. I have that shoe "thing" - when I meet people I look at their shoes... and then take mental notes. 

What is your favorite hotspot to get inspired by other people's style?
The perfect scenario would be watching the crowds leaving any avant-gade RTW show. Back to reality, sipping coffee in some Manhattan cafe and watching people is good too.

What's your ultimate fashion craving at this moment? What do we definitely have to wear in 2012?
Everything we've always wanted, but were too afraid to because of ridiculous social stereotypes. I'm on the fence with seasonal "have to's." Besides, if I like something I wouldn't want others to wear it! So please, don't buy that Rick Owens leather jacket which I have been craving for a couple of years now. The jacket was designed over a decade ago and that kind of permanency is what I'm interested in. The consistency of each season, with their repetitive cuts, facilitating timeless ensembles is proof of good design. For some readers that repetition may sound boring, but to me it is extravagant convenience.

And which trend you are happy to skip?
All of them!

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