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In the style of: Statement necklaces

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Bibs, not just for babies anymore! “Put a bib on it” is one motto of the hip New York jewelry designer duo Dannijo. According to them, necklaces have to be big, bold and eye-catching. And we’re loving every bit of it!

Statement necklaces are the new ‘wow’- elements that can spice up any simple white t-shirt. Neon colors, rhinestones, spikes, silver-gold-clashes: nothing is too much. And even the layerig trend is passing on to the necklace branch: layer bib-on-necklace-on-choker and you’re good to go. Just take a look at the gigant necklaces that bloggers are wearing. We collected just a few from the web for you: Alexander McQueen, Shourouk, Dannijo but also H&M

And while Dannijo muse/collaborator Leandra is still the one with the most outrageous necklace parties (trend word 2012?), our CofD bloggers are sporting a similar trend too. Did you notice all the neon H&M necklaces on our blogs lately? Because of the price, simplicity and neon pop it’s the perfect necklace for a composed statement. See how they are pairing the necklaces and get inspired!

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Bloggers and Designer bags

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The ultimate accessory. Last seasons critics were proclaiming that ‘the bag’ will not be as ‘huge’ (in size and fashion relevance) anymore, but we bag (:P) to differ!

A bag does make or break your whole outfit. And wether you’re a matchy-match (black shoes=black bag) kinda girl or like to miss-match (neon clutch), a bag gives an outfit an extra dimension.

Seriously, who can do without a bag – functionally ánd fashionably – or is not affected by the it-brands’ new additions every season? Alexander Wang, Mulberry, Rebecca Minkoff, Proenza Schouler, Balenciaga, Chanel.. tell us, are you not in love with even one of their bag collections?

We know, we know, designers aren’t everything! When a bag is beautiful, practical and you are drawn to it, it doesn’t matter wether it is from a designer or not. You can either see it in quantity or quality criteria: ‘Will I save a while for an expensive bag that I will use multiple years or do I buy them on-season whenever I fancy one?’

So check out our bag-blogger-crushes! These girls have had the patience (and will power) to save for a designer bag and are loving it to the max. Check out the purses, satchels and pouches on Veronica, Andy, Caroline and more. And don’t forget to check out the bags that our CofD bloggers love: Alexander Wang, Proenza Schoulder – to quote Rachel Zoe:’I die, I die’.

Tell us, do you have a designer bag? Are you put off by designer price tags or do you save for a new trophy? What are your favorites?

In the Style of...| Floral jeans

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Like the post before about the H&M floral suit, flowers are all over this season. Not only wearable in your hair (channelling your Coachella festival style) or on your nails, but allover floral prints on jeans. And where there’s a party going on on your legs, it’s best to keep the rest simple. Primary colored jumpers or shirts are a go-to and short boots or black heels give these colorful jeans additional attention.

So since sartorial pops of color can now be used as a soothing effect on winter depressions (we kid, we kid!), a pair of legs bandaged in flowers is bound to bring some kind of liveliness to your surroundings. And don’t think we will delimit this trend to particular floral species like daisies, roses or cherry blossom, any flower - imaginary or not - will do. Most important is: does it make you happy and not get attacked by a swarm of bees? Yes? Perfect, so get your inner flower power on!

Source: Sincerely Jules, StyleScrapbook, The Glamourai, CarolinesMode, Camilleovertherainbow



Trend DIY alert: translucent cuffs

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EPISODE #2: Translucent cuffs


In the first episode of this mini series you could read who to make a braided bead bracelet. In this second episode we are going to show you how to make some cool cuffs with the lovely Ivania as our inspiration.

The fun with armparties is that you can combine all sorts of bracelets, but there is also some beauty in the simplicity of just one or two on each arm. That’s why cuffs have been so great these past seasons. Pair them with color clashing bracelets or just one on each arm to draw more attention to your outfit.

And what is more eyecatching than any other cuff? A translucent cuff! The translucent trend has been transfered from heels and bags to accessories and now you can make your own.

What you need:

-       Perspex plastic (available at a hardware store)

-       Figure saw

-       Oven

Step 1: Measure how long you want your cuffs to be and saw the pieces with a figure saw. It depends on your preference and the size of your wrists, but a width of about 14cm/5,5inch should be enough for an average woman’s wrist.

Step 2: Heat your oven to 200ºC and place the perspex on a flat oven tray. Leave it in for about 5 minutes –but check constantly- until the plastic is soft and bendable.

Step 3: Take hold of the perspex –with heat protected gloves!- and start bending them into shape. Don’t take too long because the cuffs will harden very quickly.

And there you have it! Be sure to send in your own diy results: SHARE YOUR DIY’s!

Sources: Love Aesthetics, Cooee design, Prada S/S 10, Furla bags | by Suzanne Stal



Coachella got style

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Coachella, if there was a festival about dressing for festivals, this would be this one! This mother-of-all-bohemian-festivals is held every year during two weekends in April in Palm Springs, California. And while the line-up is packed with huge names like The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead, Snoop Dogg, Florence+the Machine and (one hundred and thirty!!) others, it is definitely a place where laid back stylish people come to chill, listen to good music and flash their fashion sense.

Like every year in spring time, when we all get that weird ‘happy’ feeling that is so linked with the first rays of sun, we will start to look forward to dressing like a bohemian-meets-latest trends. And music festivals are in fact the best places to get that fashionable hippy vibe on. It’s the perfect occasion to bare that midriff with those cropped tops that are NOT suitable for any city fiësta. Coachella is becoming a place where it’s more tempting to look at what the festivalgoer’s are wearing, than what music is played on the main stage.

So take a note from the Californian sun and check 2012’s festival style like The Regulars (Kate Bosworth Dree Hemmingway and Diane Kruger), The Models (Arizona Muse, Hanne Gaby, Alek Wek, Kasia Struss), The Actors (Emma Roberts, Emma Whatson and Zoë Kravitz) and The Muscians (Florence Welsh, Katy Perry, Rihanna) do! Some great trends spotted during the first weekend are leopard, retro sunglasses, wide brim hats, cropped tops, vintage cut-off jeans, flowing printed pants and short suede IM boots.

Sources: Refinery29 | by Suzanne Stal