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Trend Alert | Marni for H&M wearable?

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Every year, or couple of times a year, when H&M does a new desinger collaboration, everyone will go wild. People are sleeping in front of H&M stores, overcrowding H&M websites and are fighting for the ‘designer’ pieces. But it’s starting to look like it doesn’t even matter whether you will wear them or not because most of the items will appear on Ebay within hours.

Think about the difference between the Victor & Rolf, Karl Lagerfeld, Matthew Williamson and the recent Versace collection. Victor & Rolf might have the outrageous wedding dress but it was gone before you could get a good view of it. And Versace was, unfortunately, still hanging in stores more than three weeks after the launch. But how much of those collections will you keep seeing after the hype has worn off? You never know when a collaboration will be actually ‘Daily Wear’ or forever ‘Closet Decoration’.

Marni has been amongst one of the more ‘wearable’ and coveted designer collaborations. Before the collection hitted stores, there was lots of talk about the fine prints and quality of the garments. Now three weeks after the collection launch we ask ourselves: how wearable ís the Marni for H&M collection actually?

See some of the Marni styles bloggers have styled together. By the looks of it Marni might have been the most succesful so far or should we wait out for the next H&M designer collaboration? And who might it be... A sequal maybe? Keep you posted!


By Suzanne Stal
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